Run 3 – Play Run3 Game Unblocked Online

If you have a real addiction to games and are fond of playing lots and lots of games online then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to tell about the run 3 unblocked game which is in the storm these days.

This game is a real gem and you will definitely to play this game as this is damn addictive and totally an incredible piece. The features of the game are quite unique and interesting as you will be an alien who is actually trying hard to pass an area which is very challenging architecturally.

About  Run 3 Unblocked

In this game you will enter a prohibited area which is full of holes and much other stuff, this experience will make you see your steps forward. However, if you are not cautious or don’t feel any curiosity to pass the area then you might fall in that hole and remain in space for infinity. So, you have to be cautious while running around the holes.

So, in this game you have to face a real drag which is running towards you and the feeling is very intense as you have to run around the holes. If you put one wrong step then you might stay in space forever. So, you have run and put your each and every step with care and caution.

This game burns your calories, but how? You are running in the game, not in real life so don’t think that the running burns the calories. The excessive run sweats your palms which leads to burning of calories through your mind. Basically, you have to be involved excessive running and a huge energy is burnt while making plans along with being cautious while running and taking each and every step in the forward direction.

Run 3 Unblocked Game: The Best Game Ever

You will be totally thrilled to play the Run 3 unblocked game. All you have to is tap and run into an exciting valley. You also have to run hard to cross that will come on your way as a barrier.

The roads will be filled with lots of obstacles and you will also be allowed to change the gravity accordingly by running or walking along the walls. There is a very little chance that you might survive all the obstacles in the way as they are filled with endless jumping and battles.

However, if you are not satisfied with the alien character that you are then you have the option to change the alien in order to avoid falling in the hall. Different aliens have different powers while some have greater abilities than the other ones to survive for a longer period of time and sustain in a particular situation.

So, doesn’t it sound cool that the 3D gameplay is combined with the cartoons in a unique graphic? This will definitely give you a greater experience in playing the game as you have not experienced like one before. Run 3 unblocked can be played on any device such as Android, iOS or Web Browser. You can even download and install the game if you want to play it offline.

How To Play Run 3 Unblocked

The controls of the game are quite simple and not very complicated. It consists of a space key and the arrow keys. Basically, you have to move the alien with the help of the arrow key and jump over the obstacles and the arrows with the help of space key.

In addition to these, you can pull the menu just by pressing the ESC key. Looking at the galaxy map, you will know that how far you have come and what is your exact location.


With 3D combined with a cartoon in unique graphic, this game is taking the internet by storm. So what are you waiting for?

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